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Ege University Printing and Publishing House Division Head Office began to provide services in 1956, following the establishment of Ege University.  It was relocated in 1991 to its current facilities of operation.  It has held a Publishing Certificate since 2013, which is mandatory, in accordance with Article 44 of the statute 5846 regarding Intellectual and Artistic Property Rights, for printing and publishing houses that undertake the reproduction, distribution or sales of intellectual and artistic works.





Our scope is comprised of institutional ID design, the preparation, printing, publishing, reproduction and sale of textbooks, supplementary textbooks, scholarly books, reference books, subsidiary reference books, periodicals, periodic bulletins, newspapers and inserts, and posters, brochures, catalogs, theses and optical forms.





The printing of the books determined by the University Higher Publishing Committee being the primary function, other printing and publishing requests by the university, meeting the needs for various kinds of single and multi-color printing and publishing of other universities, municipalities, various public institutions, private sector institutions and individuals, ensuring that the works/materials to be printed art prioritized, printed according to specified technical specifications within the requested timeframe and for the predetermined and disclosed amount of fees, fall within the power, duty and responsibilities of the University Printing and Publishing House Division. In order to be able to provide a publishing service that is consistent with the university's mission and vision, and is preferred by authors and academic writers, it is the aim of this branch that services such as editing, international online sales, e-book sales, and chain store sales through national distribution networks will be provided.

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